Direct Mail Marketing…How to Make it More Effective

Q: When is the best time to market your business?

A: All the time.

Marketing – making people aware of your business, its products and services, and convincing them to buy – is a fundamental activity for any business and a requirement for sales growth. Broadly defined, marketing encompasses almost everything a business does, from providing good customer service, to having a consistent look in printed materials, to networking, to sales calls.

One of the most popular methods of marketing is direct mail – mailing something of interest or value to customers and prospects. Especially for small businesses, direct mail is favored over media advertising (newspaper, magazine, radio, and television) because it can be directed at people who are likely to be interested in or receptive to receiving information on your product or service. The direct mail marketing piece not only describes the product or service in a way that provokes interest from the recipient; it also tells the recipient what action to take next, and may even give a deadline for responding.

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