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Content marketing is the not-so-secret weapon that can dramatically increase your 2020 print sales. It’s what fosters relationships and builds trust. As always, Printips provides meaningful and useful information to your existing customers and prospects.

How content marketing can get you sales more effectively

Even though the interest in newsletters has waned, the demand for all types of postcards has been increasing. A postcard is one of the most versatile, inexpensive, and effective tools you can have in your marketing tool kit. Compared to the effort and cost of a newsletter, a postcard is a quick, easy, and great way to stretch your marketing budget. Postcards remain one of the best ways to direct your prospects to both your website and your various social media pages.

The Printips postcards are 6 x 11 inches, a unique size that can be mailed either as a first-class letter or as an Every Door Direct Mail piece. Each issue is full color, contains two full color graphic place holder images (we recommend using your own photos or graphic images to make the mailer more personal), and has one feature article. The package contains an InDesign file, a pdf, and all linked graphics for each of the 12 cards.

This is not a subscription; you will receive all 12 issues at once. And there are no geographic or zip code restrictions… you can mail to anyone, anywhere you like.

The price is $288, and if mailed monthly works out to only $24 per month.

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Printips 2020 Postcard Content Marketing Series