Imagine the Possibilities…Partnering with your Printer

You may not realize that our printing business was founded in 1985. In that 25 year period, we’ve had the chance to work with hundreds of customers ranging from those whose primary job is to buy or manage printing to those who rarely need to place an order. We’ve had our share of miraculous saves – those awe-inspiring times when despite an impossible deadline and less than optimal manufacturing circumstances, the job gets done and done right. We’ve also had a few misses, where no matter how hard we tried, things just kept going wrong.

We expect you’ve had the same range of experiences – those times when you felt immense gratitude to your printer for a job well done, as well as those times when despite everyone’s best intentions, the job was a disappointment. In this issue of Printips, we’re going to share our observations gleaned from 25 years of business transactions on the best way to be totally satisfied with your printer.

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