Marketing and Branding: A Winning Combination

According to Robert Bartels in his book The History of Marketing Thought, marketing is “essentially a means of meeting and satisfying certain needs of people. It is a highly developed and refined system of thought and practice characteristic of a period in the development of a market economy.” Marketing is a comprehensive term that includes market research, advertising, salesmanship, wholesale and retail selling, extension of credit, and other activities designed to help people buy.

Marketing provides a framework for selling activities and for the materials needed to support sales — a theme that is consistently applied both visually and in content for all sales collateral and advertising. From this consistency it is possible to establish a brand — a combination of attributes that customers and prospects come to associate with a product or a business.

We are all familiar with branding as applied to large national and international businesses and organizations and their products. But what about smaller, local businesses and organizations? Does the concept of branding work for them? We believe it does, and that we, as your printer, can help you achieve brand identity on an appropriate scale.

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