Getting the Word Out… Say It with a Brochure

For many businesses and organizations, the company brochure is a fundamental piece of printed marketing literature. Often the next item to be produced after business stationery (business cards, letterheads and envelopes), a brochure puts a brief, targeted message directly in the hands of prospective customers in a format that is portable, easy to store, and easy to pass on to others. A brochure is also integral to the buying process. It functions as a leave-behind following a sales call or meeting with potential customers.

It is a way to respond to inquiries about your products or services or to introduce your company, organization, products, or services when cold calling. As part of a direct mail marketing campaign, a brochure can be included with a sales letter or sent on its own as a self-mailer. And finally, a brochure is a point-of-purchase display to interest customers in additional products or services or provide information.

Brochures have an additional advantage: they can be tailored to meet any printing budget. Whether a simple two-color trifold or an elaborate full color die cut folder, a brochure effectively serves your company’s marketing function.

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