Using a PrePress Checklist

We’re proud to say that our prepress department is great – experienced professionals who knows all the tricks to make a file print correctly. And one of the tools that makes this possible is not a whiz-bang piece of new software, but a simple form – our prepress check list.

The form is used to collect information about your file and how it will be used, so our prepress department can accurately preflight and prepare the file for output. If you’ve never seen the form before or aren’t aware that we have one, then likely our customer service representatives have been completing the form for you prior to submitting your file to prepress.

It occurred to us that whether or not you actually complete the form, you should understand why we use it and what you can do to help. The more you know about prepress, the more likely your files will pass preflight with flying colors, and complete raster image processing (RIP) without incident. This will speed your files through prepress and produce a better result on press or our digital equipment.

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