Why You Should Use Us For Your Next Printing Job

Have you ever wondered why we decided to send this newsletter to you? If you’re a regular customer of ours, you probably can guess that we want to stay “top of mind” when you need printing. We also like to demonstrate our product knowledge and technical expertise, and provide useful information that will make your job of buying printing easier.

Now we’ll reveal a secret – we also send this newsletter to people who aren’t using our services. All of you not-yet-customers were not randomly added to our mailing list; rather, you hear from us because the profile of your business or organization matches the profile of one or more of our top customers. We do a good job for them; we think we can do a good job for you.

Our confidence comes from our relationship to our top customers. We know a lot about their businesses and organizations and how printing or copying or mailing services helps support their organizational mission. We are acquainted with their industry’s annual cycle of activities and how to reach their customers. We have developed expertise in the type of printing most used by businesses in that industry. Thus the relationship we’ve developed with our top customers can benefit you and your business or organization.


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